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Putting together The New Republic Digital Archive brought together creative minds from all four continents featured in the exhibition. The project germinated as an idea by Sunil Gupta, Leila Sujir and Monika Kin Gagnon, to produce a digital catalogue for “The New Republics” exhibition. As a graduate student in the Communication Studies department at Concordia University, with a background in contemporary art and writing, Ann Danilevich was appointed as editor/content developer of what is now the archive you see before you. There were many meetings about the content of the archive, how it should be organized, what should it include, and a general blueprint was decided upon. Since it had been a few years since the original exhibition, locating artists, some of whom lived across the world, proved challenging. Another challenge was gathering archival material about the exhibition. Although a good portion of information was located in Canada, both at Concordia University and the Art Gallery of Alberta, the original curatorial files were kept at the Organization for Visual Arts (OVA), which had been dissolved. The search for documentation brought us to London, UK. We soon learned that the OVA archives were donated to the Institute for International Visual Arts (Iniva) and are now housed in the Stuart Hall Library at Rivington Place. Thanks to some lucky coincidences, Ann Danilevich was able to travel to London to conduct research at Iniva and bring back archival content and images. After much of the content was gathered, Tamara Sawchyn was hired to produce the design for The New Republics Digital Archive. Meetings ensued. Artists were found. Content was recovered. And, after what seems like a lifetime, The New Republics Digital Archive was launched on October 18, 2008 at the Rearranging Desires: Culturally-Specific Work in a Post-Colonial Context Symposium at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. Everyone involved with The New Republics Digital Archive is extremely excited to see it in its final form and we hope that you will be able to enjoy it as an archive, a virtual exhibition, and starting point for further research.

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