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Fiona Hall

“Named Species” series

HallThe first word of each title is the Aboriginal name of the plant species; the following word (in brackets) is the language the Aboriginal name belongs to; the next two words are the botanical name; and, the last is the vernacular name given by the white settlers. The juxtaposition of sexualized body parts is to remind us that the classification of plants depends upon their sex and in a sense is a parallel to the classification of human beings.

Bounty Hunting

The title is a pun on the word ‘Bounty’ which is what the Europeans came to look for in the Pacific and a reference to the videotape of Mutiny on the Bounty. Taking a selection of videotapes that depict a history of conflict in the Pacific, Hall has knitted the heads they resonate with the human toll taken in the consequents of the Pacific. The word ‘Hunting’ suggests head-hunting as well as notion of Trophies.


Fiona Hall was born in Sydney, Australia in 1953. Since the 1980’s she has had many exhibitions both in Australia and internationally. She is represented by Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery in Sydney, and currently lives in Adelaide.









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