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Elizabeth Gertsakis

GertsakisIn researching the Universal Postal Union it is possible to trace the upheavals of nation building. Gertakis has taken a small image of national heroism and enlarged it so that each stamp is once again perforated into fragment “stamps” from which it can be reconstituted. Each fragment of these enlarged stamps would in their re-assemblage make up the national sign. These works were specially perforated by thesame machine that perforates the entire stamp issue of Australia. Ultimately the work asks the question, ‘what role has the individual in the construction of nationhood?'


Elizabeth Gertsakis was born in Florina Greece in 1954. She received a degree in Fine Art and English from Melbourne University and a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature and Critical Theory from Monash University. She has been the Senior Exhibitions Curator of the Post Master Gallery, National Philatelic Collection, Australia Post since 1995, where she is responsible for developing exhibitions, drawing on material from the National Philatelic Collection of Australia Post and major national museums and galleries of Australia. In her concurrent artistic and critical writing practice Gertsakis’ interests include institutionalised racism and class prejudice within cultural institutions, visual history and identity, art and popular culture, nineteenth and twentieth century mass media illustration and photography. She has published more than 100 critical essays, contributions to anthologies and research papers in Australian and international academic, refereed, visual art, history and cultural studies publications; and, has had a number of notable solo artistic exhibitions, including a recent exhibition titled Police News - The Banner of Truth at the State Library of Victoria, in Melbourne.



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