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Richard Bell

BellRichard Bell is a Brisbane-based Aboriginal artist provocateur. “His message is communicated through satire; liberal borrowing from popular culture and other artist’s works, and through in your face confrontational slogans and bright colours that leave the viewer in no danger of missing his message” (Madeline Hinchy). This work showcases Bell's concern with the degraded position of Aboriginal people in Australia. The acronyms of the title refer to the various state agencies that are used to legitimise the current persecutions of Aboriginal men. Bell maintains that by imprisoning, harassing and emasculating the men, the state is able to break down the Aboriginal family unit and thus destroy its culture.


“Richard was born in 1953 in Charleville, south west Queensland and was a member of the Campfire group of artists based in Brisbane. He has taken part in a number of group exhibitions and his work is held in major public galleries including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Galleries of NSW, Victoria and of Queensland.”

—Aboriginal Art Online



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